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Express our new brand strategy and positioning ‘Pioneer of Wearable Sports Technology’, as a global brand campaign.

What We Did

Brand Campaign
Film Production
Social Media Interaction


Brand: Polar

Brand Definition: Pioneer of Wearable Sports Technology

Brand Campaign: #DiscoverYourFirsts

Brand Focus: Originality

Following an extensive 8-month period working strategically with Polar, we produced a series of 3 brand films supporting the ‘Firsts’ campaign, which have aired online and on TV, confidently communicating Polar as pioneer of their category whilst celebrating the brand’s heritage and future ambitions.

The ‘Firsts’ theme was created, having defined Polar’s brand focus as ‘Originality’. Polar are the originators of their category and the 3 films are designed to celebrate the joy of activity and movement across all ages, fitness levels and exercise capabilities, whilst also communicating Polar’s authority and credibility.  Whether you’re a first-timer looking to get fit, an elderly member of society aiming to get up and move more for the first time in years, or even an elite athlete/professional looking to be first in your sport, Polar, the originators and true innovators of wearable heart rate monitors and activity trackers, will help you achieve your goals.

Following the launch of the three videos, we encouraged customers to share their ‘Firsts’ across social media.

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Polar - Discover Your Firsts: The Montage

Polar - Discover Your Firsts: The Wave

Polar - Discover Your Firsts: The Dance

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