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London Boat Show


Design and build an engaging exhibition stand for Musto at the London Boat Show.  Allow customers to interact with the brand and to learn more about the products’ technical features & benefits.

What we did

Exhibition Design
Exhibition Build
Brand Experience


For the world’s leading offshore sailing brand, we designed an exhibition stand which allowed visitors the opportunity to interact with Musto and to learn more about their innovative product collection.
Clear segmentation of product types enabled easy navigation throughout the stand, whilst interactive zones enhanced dwell time and engagement with the brand.
We installed a traditional sailboat grinder and hooked it up to an electronic LED board, which tallied up the number of turns a user managed within a set time period.  A Top Gear-style leader board encouraged a healthy competition amongst visitors and became a showcase for passersby.
To communicate Musto’s photoluminescent reflectors, we built a black out box with a tiny viewing slot that visitors would look through to see light shining back from the Musto product.  Light is absorbed into the reflectors during the day, and becomes ‘glow in the dark’, ensuring you can be seen out at sea in the darkest conditions against the toughest elements.

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