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Retail 2021


Trends & Predictions

Retail Focus asked our Marketing Manager, Ollie Patterson for a few thoughts on the future of retail post-Covid.

Here’s what he had to say:

Looking ahead to 2021, I don’t really see physical retail changing THAT much on the whole. People will still go shopping, they’ll just have to wear a mask and distance themselves from others.  But over time, people will get used to it and these shopping parameters will be loosened.

As a full-service creative agency, we work with brands in so many different sectors and across diverse creative disciplines, and the commonality in all briefs right now seem to centre around delivering digital convenience.

As soon as the first lockdown happened, all of our clients needed digital campaigns, content, assets, etc. in order to easily communicate, engage with and sell to their customers online.  The briefs were about adding value to our clients’ customers in the sense that their stores were shut, so people needed an easy way to still access the brand. The brands needed more digital content than ever to ensure engagement remained high.

Now, as we exit lockdown 2.0, we’re receiving more physical retail design briefs. But they’re not focused on creating “COVID-friendly” retail concepts. If anything, the briefs are simply centred on harnessing the fluidity of online communications and injecting some of that into a physical space. Our focus is on creating engaging physical environments and enjoyable shopping experiences.

That said, as retail evolves, one of our predictions for the future (particularly for fashion, sports and beauty retailers) is the emergence of localised capsule collections popping up in nearby regions in the form of temporary pop-up spaces, which will be built around a brand’s digital data. I think data will start to be implemented more intelligently in order to further aid convenience by informing what product ranges a pop-up space will stock (based on localised online browsing behaviour and search patterns), as well as informing what events/activations these pop-up spaces should hold.  For certain markets that people dip into once a month/every other month, this model of retail has the potential to make brands feel more fluid and ‘real-time’.

Check out the full article here.

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