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Lego’s Mindfulness Messaging


Opinion Piece

As mentioned in Ollie Patterson’s article on brand’s behaving responsibly, we touch on LEGO’s recent botanical collection.

Here, we explore LEGO’s recent plant-based collection and supporting social media campaign…

Lego is a very well-known Danish toy brand that many will associate with their childhoods. However, the AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) market is huge. Over the past few years LEGO have successfully tapped into the AFOL market with sets aimed at the older fans, such as their architecture range.

More recently, LEGO launched their new ‘Botanical collection’ designed especially for adults – via a clever social media campaign.  We’re all stuck indoors at the moment and the temptation for endless scrolling through social media is rife. However, LEGO have produced a set of animated posts designed to make you take pause with a series of mindfulness messages. The posts don’t mention the new range at all except for the hashtag #botanicalcollection and the soothing, animated photography. They capture the calming effect these sets are designed to achieve when you build them – something we could all do with during these stressful times.

In a world where we’re used to seeing products pushed in our faces with a hard sell, it was a refreshing to see a much more subtle and intriguing approach. The sets are currently sold out on the LEGO store.

Written by Alex Brooks, Senior Designer and Lego Lover.

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Photos are copyright of LEGO.

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