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Creative News - Currys PC World Rebrand

Creative News - Google, Levi's & Currys PC World

Here is our latest dose of Mynterests – a collection of creative news, insights, interesting campaigns & product launches in the world of design, branding and advertising from the past few weeks…

Currys PC World Brand Refresh

Currys PC World has been given a brand refresh aimed to both streamline and modernise the retailer and includes a new cross-platform circle-based identity, colour palette and bespoke typeface.
The iconic logo stills remains the same and spheres and circles that “express a sense of openness, optimism and an excitement about life and technology” have been used throughout the new identity for use across iconography, animation, photography and the website.

A new ‘Brand Hub’ has also been created which stores brand guidelines and assets in one place and will be updated as new challenges arise for the brand.

The retailer is recognisable for its purple colour, which has been retained for the new visual identity. The colour palette has been developed around this element injecting vibrancy to the brand, paired with pastel hues including pinks, lilacs and yellows.

The new identity includes magenta tones to be used across advertising and marketing communications in an aim to distinguish it from its competitors.

Google launches ‘Shoploop’

Google reveals Shoploop, a shoppable app that brings together social, video and ecommerce in a new pilot project designed to cater to the new way consumers shop.

The shopping experience is interactive where users won’t just scroll through images and text, but instead will have the ability watch videos where creators show off the products in use.

The idea is inspired by the way people shop now says Google. Today, consumers use a combination of both social media and e-commerce in conjunction with one and other when purchasing, with users moving between Instagram for inspiration, to YouTube for tutorials and then on to the site to make a purchase.

Shoploop aims to bring this all into one platform for a seamless experience and hopes to rival the likes of Instagram’s new shoppable feed feature and Amazon’s Live shopping channel.

Levis’ Launches Its Most Sustainable Jeans Ever

Global denim brand Levi’s has unveiled its most sustainable jeans ever, made from a mixture of organic cotton and Circulose, a breakthrough material made from worn-out jeans.

The Circulose fabric is produced by re:newcell, which takes discarded cotton textiles and breaks them down through water and is dried to create a sheet of Circulose which is then made into a viscose fibre. Each pair of jeans are formed of 20 percent recycled denim, 20 percent viscose, and 60 percent organic cotton, in addition, the denim also reduces the water, chemical and CO2 footprint during the manufacturing process.

Levi’s has guaranteed that all parts of the jeans including trims and threads meet the brand’s recycling specifications, meaning that the sustainable jeans can once again be recycled.

“This is a sustainability challenge that we’ve been wrestling with for years, so it’s really exciting to see an aspirational concept become a familiar pair of Levi’s jeans that consumers can actually buy and wear,” says Paul Dillinger, Levi’s Vice President of Global Product Innovation.

The range is currently available in both the 502 for men and the High Loose for women and is online now.


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