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Made For This


Sport 2000, one of Europe’s biggest sports retailers, wanted everyone to know that they are the destination for winter sports.
It was our job to tell everyone that Sport 2000 are made for the mountains.


We invited 6 of the biggest and best ski brands to join us on our journey.  Each had their own story to tell and their own products to showcase.

We needed a campaign mechanic that was flexible, engaging and would transcend language barriers.  So we asked them “what is your brand made for?”

‘Made for This’ became the overarching campaign line and is now ownable to Sport 2000.  ‘Made for…’ was the flexible element that each of the partner brands could tap into and customise.

We created a bespoke and bold graphic style to hold the campaign together, and introduced fresh teaser graphics and animations that were posted on Sport 2000’s social media accounts, letting fans know that something new was coming.

What We Did

Campaign Strategy
Graphic Design

Film Edits
Illustration Design
Social Media Rollout

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Campaign Film

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