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Mom and Me | Retail Design


Translate the Mom and Me brand, which Mynt created, into a retail concept to be installed and rolled out into varying store formats and locations across the UAE.

What we did

Market Research
Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Retail Design
Marketing Communications


Having already created the Mom and Me branding & identity from scratch, we were then tasked with designing the retail concept, to bring the brand experience to life.  Following visits to the proposed UAE retail locations we created a detailed brand manual, which enabled the client to present the retail concept to shopping mall landlords & secure the brand’s initial retail sites.  The key branding elements became a major influence on the design of the retail interior, with the objective of creating a welcoming, friendly & colourful environment.  Interior styling was inspired by the shapes in the two gentle logo elephants, with the store featuring soft inviting curves, feature ceiling rafts, and a set of unique illustrated animals that we created to act as navigation.  Each animal character has their own name and personality, bringing the Mom and Me brand to life, whilst creating fantastic brand recognition with the target audience of 0-8 year olds.
The retail design concept is currently rolled out in 17 stores across Dubai and other areas of the UAE, with the Mom and Me brand injecting personality, fun and creativity into the marketplace.

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