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hsports - Brand Creation


Create the name, brand strategy, identity & positioning for a multi-category sports value retailer, ‘hsports’, part of the Heatons Group.

What we did

Name generation
Tone of voice
Brand positioning
In-store and online branding
Literature & print


We established a new brand, naming, positioning and identity system and created the complete brand communications package.

After extensive customer research and marketplace familiarisation we established a new brand model highlighting brand attributes, emotional and rational values, core brand values to deliver a brand definition of ‘Biggest brands at best value everyday, for the whole family.’  We then refined this to an emotional friendly and inclusive brand underpin of, ‘For all the sports you love’.  This was captured in a comprehensive brand guidelines document, to ensure brand consistency throughout all aspects of the business.

The ‘h’ in our identity derives from the Heatons Group, allowing us share their heritage and position within the retail sector. The logotype is friendly and family-focused, with all letters linking – conveying unity and togetherness. The logotype offers a level of simplicity and weight, finished off with a bold fullstop, which has developed into a core brand device for on-going communication.

hsports delivers authority through a simple, confident colour palette and an honest, bold font which is flexible to work across a variety of applications and touch-points. We introduced conversational and inclusive language for messaging, ‘with us, for you, and from us’ reinforcing the range, service, and commitment hsports has in delivering best brands at best value.

Our strapline ‘For all the sports you love’, directly links to our easy in-store navigation, by attaching ‘all’ to the start of each navigation, (all-football, all rugby, all golf etc…)  allowing us to further reinforce the brand as inclusive, approachable and with a great range offer. The new brand has been applied across all in-store communications, from large format in-store graphics to swing tags and business cards, bags and takeaway elements.  hsports has launched in three Heatons stores in Ireland, with a full twenty four store rollout scheduled for 2016.

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