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Crocs - Exhibition Stand


To present the latest collection and inject Crocs’ “Find Your Fun” theme into the brand’s exhibition stand concept at GDS, Dusseldorf.

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Crocs have always found strength in being a little bit different and not abiding to society’s expectations.  To date at exhibitions, they’ve proven it through vibrant, evocative color.   Now it’s time to lean into another part of the Crocs personality: fun.  Crocs is liberating.  Their shoes help people feel relaxed, empowering them to be a little different.  Not in a crazy, over-the-top way — just a little more bold, a little more colourful, a little more themselves.  It’s a kind of fun that may go against the crowd — and we’re comfortable with that.  Crocs makes shoes that make people happy — with their own kind of fun.

The exterior walls showcase mannequins wearing Crocs to standout in various locations; at a bar, on the tube and on escalators.
Giant “C-R-O-C-S” letters are used throughout the stand for both merchandising product and being unmistakably colourful and ‘fun’!

Flexible framed shelves ran along the interior perimeter, capturing various product stories, whilst allowing total flexibility to the merchandising system.  The back wall is a mosaic of circular neon tubes, showcasing the latest range of the classic Crocs rubber clogg; acting as a focal point within the exhibition hall, whilst picking up on Crocs’ classic and iconic product detail.

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