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If, like many of us, lockdown has given you a little more time on your hands – you might have found yourself learning a new dance routine, filming your pets, or playing with Google Translate as you try to get to grips with the array of trends on the fasting growing social media platform, TikTok.

For brands, TikTok is a great channel that, if you’re brave enough to try it, presents many opportunities to connect with your diverse audience.  (BTW, it’s not just an app for ‘young people’ – in fact nearly 60% of global users are older than Generation Z!)
Here are some helpful tips to get you started…

There are multiple trends in TikTok that are constantly evolving.  Browse through the ‘discover’ area to see which hashtags are currently popular and test and try to create your own iterations (either with new or previously-produced content).  If you create a video which isn’t part of a trend, it’s less likely to receive as many views and likes initially.  The more likes you get, the more your content will be pushed to more people and the more likely it is to go viral.  So if you’re just starting out on TikTok, check out the trends first to see what people are engaging with.

Don’t panic if your video hasn’t gone viral in the first hour.  Unlike platforms like Instagram, TikTok’s life cycle can last 2-3 months (i.e. your video may appear high up in someone’s feed 2-3 months after you uploaded it).  Your content won’t be as readily discarded on TikTok so stay calm if you’re not a viral sensation within a few hours!

If you’re looking to use influencers as part of your social media strategy, our advice would be to reach out to micro influencers.  Here’s why:
– Micro influencers will create more authentic, relevant content, at scale, for your brand and products (i.e. more bang for your buck).
– They’ll be the actual person replying to their own audience’s comments (and they’ll be more responsive than mega influencers, which is really important).
– They are more authentic and offer more truth and emotion than some of the overly-polished, yet stale, mega influencer comms out there.

Just like real people, TikTok loves human, personable content and interactions.  For brands looking to use the platform to promote products and services, it’s important that your content feels native and authentic to the TikTok platform – make sure to feature real, genuine people using your product in an authentic way, rather than wasting time producing overly-polished product-only content.

TikTok content has a very distinctive look & feel.  Content that doesn’t ‘fit in’ with the current trending video styles will stand out like a sore thumb and will obviously look like an ad.  Even if you are using TikTok for paid content, your videos must feel native within a user’s feed.  It’s important to not feel like you’re selling to people.  The in-app editing tools are really intuitive and can work for fresh content (i.e. filmed on your phone in the app), but also for recycling old content to make it look ‘TikTok-ready’.

TikTok will punish videos with low completion rates.  Most completed videos have strong, attention-grabbing intros.  The first 3 seconds are vital in grabbing attention, so make sure you start strong in order to push up that completion rate and give your videos the best chance of being seen by as many people as possible!

With more than 800 million active users, and more to come, now is definitely the time to be using the platform!

If you’d like to see how Mynt can help with your TikTok strategy and content creation, please get in touch 🙂

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