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The new era of wellbeing and balance


Opinion Piece

The new era of wellbeing and balance.

As we begin to get a sense of life post-covid, we predict a shift in the wellbeing landscape with people moving away from the fast-paced lifestyle we were once used to, but instead towards a state of mind that focuses on wellbeing and balance.

Ditching the Drink
The rise in ‘sober culture’ popularity seems to have hit new heights when in January BrewDog opened the world’s first permanent alcohol-free bar in central London with 15 taps of alcohol-free craft beer, ciders and spirts to hand.

Ritual Beverage Company have added non-alcoholic tequila to their range of zero-proof gin and whiskey. Founded in September 2019 by three best friends, the small business took off selling through stocks projected to last six months in the space of five weeks. In the months since its launch, the brand has found huge success with sales growing 93% between February and April 2020. “This isn’t a fad. It’s a movement,”Sakey, the companies co-founded says, demonstrating that the sober audience isn’t a market to be overlooked.

Self-Care Sunday
#SelfCareSunday seems to be flooding our social channels with an array of luxury skin care and hair products but what it’s really about is knowing what’s good for you and using it to nourish your physical, emotional and mental health – guilt free. Lockdown seems to have attracted more people to press the reset button, be grounded in the present and spend a few hours of ‘me time’ in the hope of feeling rejuvenated and content.

With online beauty sales jumping 100% during the 12 weeks to 31 May 2020, according to a new Kantar report, it seems the self-care ethos is continuing to rise with a staggering 96% of consumers choosing to invest in skincare instead of make-up during coronavirus, according to research from Swedish beauty brand, Foreo.

But it’s not just the beauty industry reaping the rewards from the new found appreciation of self-care, book sales have seen a surge in recent months as readers seek escapism, education and peacefulness. 2020 seems to be the time where guilt-free relaxation for the mind and body is welcomed and embraced by many.

Acknowledge your Mental Health
An awareness of mental health has grown in the recent years and has perhaps become increasingly paramount over the recent months. The world’s first mental health gym, hero Training Club, opened in Manchester in a new breed of health and leisure centres. The club, has launched separate training zones offering its usual exercise and physical activity sessions as well as a full programme of complementary services including one to one and group counselling, hypnotherapy, sleep workshops, mindfulness sessions and resilience classes. Positioned as ‘your escape from urban living’, it provides an escape from the everyday stresses of life and aims for visitors to leave in a better place than when they arrived.

There’s been a steady incline in the use of digital-based meditation and wellness apps, aiming to teach mindfulness skills and provide mood and health tracking tools. With people having more time for reflection and self-care, it appears that a mass awareness and appreciation of leading a positive, more healthy lifestyle looks to pave the way for future urban living.

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