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Opinion: Print is far from dead!


The ingredients of powerful printed marketing.

Is marketing print dead? The big question that often floats around as new digital trends and technologies enter the marketing mix. Although the focus and buzz has turned to more digital techniques, print is far from buried in our eyes, inspiring the communication campaigns we run for many of our clients. The respect for print in the marketing world often gets lost, but with the right components, printed media can really hit the spot!

So what are the ingredients for a powerful piece of printed marketing?  To us, these four elements are key:

1.     Power of Personalisation
Everyone likes to feel valued, so taking the time to personalise your messaging is essential. Understanding your audience has never been more important as multiple brands compete in the same space with often very little differentiation between them.

2.     Keep it Simple
As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words, so let your imagery do the talking. Some of the most effective printed marketing campaigns do just that, delivering one clear message that resonates well with its intended audience. And don’t be afraid of white space – make it easy for your audience to read! You only have seconds to grab their attention.

3.     The Art of Storytelling
Once you’ve captured their attention, the real work begins! If you have a story that resonates and excites, you’re in a good place. Take your audience on a journey and one which they are eager to continue. The print medium can be a great platform for expressing your brand’s story, providing insight to your brand’s history and values, and the direction you are heading in.  Storytelling is expected to be a big trend for print marketing campaigns this year, so get those creative narratives flowing!

4.     Print and Digital working hand in hand
The most effective campaigns encompass both digital and print platforms. Although often seen as contrasting methods, these traditional and digital mediums can be the best of friends. Print and digital can complement each other allowing your brand messaging to be clearly portrayed, taking your customers on a creative journey.

Take a look at the incredibly creative ad campaign by Lexus back 2012, showcasing the powerful effects both print and digital media can create when working hand in hand.

Another great print ad example which will make you rethink the word ‘traditional’ – To grab the attention of creative advertising professionals, Kontor Records combined a paper turntable and vinyl record that could be played with an iPhone instead sending out their latest CD.

To redefine your print and digital marketing strategies, get in touch with Mynt.

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