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ISPO 2018


Breaking Bad

ISPO Munich, Europe’s leading sport & outdoor show is over for another year.

Working with leading global brands in the category, including Nike, Berghaus Polar, Ecco & Vibram, Mynt have identified some key learnings from the show and what the outdoor sector seems to be lacking.

Think of 3 words that may align themselves to a generic outdoor brand’s current product range: Performance, ScienceSustainability.
Mix them up, add one or two more words in, throw in an outdoor brand logo, and you’ve just covered a large proportion of brand communications in this space.

We think there’s an opportunity in the outdoor sector to re-align from promoting product benefits as a brand’s leading message, but to rather inject more attitude & emotion into their communications.  Dry, generic, literal messaging will not suffice and the category is in danger of becoming stale.

Brands need to communicate with consumers in more engaging & intelligent ways.  If someone buys an outdoor jacket, they already know it will keep them warm & dry.  The brand’s key message shouldn’t be about staying warm; consumers don’t want to be patronised.  It should be about what the user’s potential is in the jacket and their deeper experiences.

Brands in the category are selling ‘similar’ product.  We need to engage with consumers, excite them & seduce them to buy into our brand.  Do this and product sales will ensue.

Messaging across all channels must be aligned.  There is no “digital vs in-store”, it’s all the same thing to your customers. Consumers don’t think about “the omni-channel journey” the same way we, as creative, strategic agencies and brands, do.
If your store experience is flat, lacks engagement and is forgettable, but your online buying process is great, that’s not good enough for those consumers who only walk into the store.  Every avenue must be considered and must constantly evolve to become better, more emotionally-engaging & thought-provoking.

So there it is.

Break the habit of pumping out safe, generic, product-focused messaging as your main hook.  Don’t blend in.

Grab customers’ attentions and promote their potential.

Excite them.
Seduce them.
Secure your future.

Define your brand’s future today with Mynt:   |    +44(0) 1664 423 110

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