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With the digital generation moving towards more immersive and interactive social platforms that inspire new levels of stimulation and engagement, interior design posts still appear to be the popular online focus.

Pioneering sites such as Instagram and Pinterest, hosting inspirational images designed to inspire you to elevate your interior aesthetic, have transformed the interior landscape and arguably mould the upcoming trends. Here are three key takeout trends for Summer 2019:


Maximalism | Organised Chaos
With 2019 being dubbed as the year of maximalism, the shift from the minimalistic interior landscape appears to be in full force with the trend predicted to pick up speed towards the end of the year.
The trend focuses on bringing together collections of warm colours, organic shapes and curves and vibrant hues in a harmonious manner. Creating a maximalist space is about the interplay of design elements and filling it with loved pieces to give a sense of richness and texture.


Natural Influences | Organic Materials
Biophilic design in itself is not a new concept but an extension of the inherent need for the human connection to the natural world. It idealises the introduction of natural forms into interiors and harnesses this affinity to create natural indoor spaces and subsequently unconsciously reconnecting us to the outdoors.  The established trend appears to be here for to stay by spilling into interior accessories by way of organic materials. The ecological and environmentally conscious upcoming generation seem to be leading the movement towards a sustainable future and influencing the design world.  This summer will see an increasing number of pieces made from organic materials, carrying unique textures, emerge into interior design. From rustic, unfinished wood and natural stone accessories to balance soft textures, introducing natural elements into interiors can create an organic style flourishing balance, warmth, and comfort.


Homespun Ceramics | Earthy Design
Homespun artisanal ceramics in soft-hued tones and subtle patterns are set to be a popular trend for summer 2019. With neutral creams, blush pink and jet black leading the colour palette.  The trend promises to deliver an organic feel to living spaces and kitchen and dining-ware with embossed jugs, patterned vases and dinner sets in matt shades and textured accents.  These subtle interior pieces can be effortlessly transitioned into autumn/winter décor with earthy-tones predominately being the focus of Pantones fall-winter colour forecast by embracing soft, stable tones.  This summer appears to show there’s a renewed interest in the traditional aesthetic being incorporated into home. Keep up to date with the latest trends and inspirations on our Pinterest page.

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