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Clerkenwell Design Week



Clerkenwell Design Week is over for another year, and two of our design team scouted the streets of Clerkenwell to find the latest trends and new products in Design. We found Clerkenwell Design Festival to have a huge wealth of new, innovative and exciting design. From bold and striking technology to advancements in furniture creation and finishes, there was such a breadth of inspirational design for us to take in and experience. Here’s our five favourite finds that we had to share with you.

1. Beosound Shape by Bang & Olufsen 

Bang & Olufsen stole the limelight at the Icon House of Culture, with the launch of their new speakers. Beosound Shape – a new wall-mounted geometric wireless speaker system. The speakers serve a dual function of eradicating poor indoor acoustics, whilst delivering a outstanding music experience and visual impact to a space. The speakers are designed to provide ultimate creative freedom with endless variations possible with their selection of high quality fabric covers.

2. Doublevision by Hakwood 

Hakwood, global supplier of wood flooring impressed with their structural installation honouring pattern and form. At 4 meters in height, the installation experience comprises of Hakwood’s iconic wood wall tiles that can be rearranged and rotated to create a space that invites guests to explore, play, and connect with pattern in a direct and physical way. The design plays with scale to create an almost infinite tunnel effect, reflecting the endless possibilities of working with the wall tile range.

3. CDW Presents Renault Twizy 

Renault sponsored CDW for the third year running, bringing back the complementary Twizy shuttles. Twizy Bus Stops were visible all around the design district, allowing visitors to be transported around Clerkenwell in the electric Twizy vehicle.

4. Modern Lux by Custhom and & New Furniture

Modern Lux stole out hearts! In a co-habiting workspace Custhom and &New Furniture showcased beautiful furniture design. Custhom is a research-based design practice working with handmade processes. They make upholstered furniture with a difference. Cushtom work with shapes and movement so that their designs becomes social and interactive. Modern Lux is their latest collection and has a fun, lively and approachable tone. &New Furniture are a modern furniture brand created by a British-Finnish design duo. Their most recent designs are made from solid blocks of post consumer recycled plastic with powder coated steel. We found their furniture works in harmony, balancing the striking and slick steel finish with the raw and exposed recycled plastic finish.

5. Graypants

Anchored in Seattle and Amsterdam, Graypants’ bold creativity leads to diverse designs in products, architecture, and other beautiful objects around the world. Scraplights is the company’s flagship line of pendant lights made entirely of re-purposed corrugated cardboard. Working with natural materials Graypants have just launched Scraplights in White using pure white corrugated cardboard. The Scraplight series provides warm, intimate, and functional lighting for any occasion or type of space. Each shade is precision cut with a laser and assembled by hand using a non-toxic adhesive and are treated with an environmentally friendly fire retardant making them safe for commercial and residential design.

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