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Brand Experiences That We Love #3


Nomad - Retail Experience

In the previous two editions of Brand Experiences That We Love, we explored a whimsical ice cream store in Barcelona and Skoda’s new emotionally-driven ad campaign, featuring Sir Bradley Wiggins.

In this article, we’ll be looking at one of Mynt’s latest retail design projects for Nomad Travel. Nomad is the travel authority for what you’ll need, wherever you’re going – from travel tips and advice delivered directly from expert staff and enthusiasts, to their travel clinic for all the vaccinations & jabs you’ll need to keep you safe, healthy and protected while you’re away from home, Nomad is the first destination for all adventure travellers.

Packed with real adventure stories, advice & experiences, the new store concept has been rejuvenated to affirm Nomad’s authority within the adventure travel category.

What do we love about this brand experience?

Even before you enter the store, the full width fascia graphic is a confident reminder of Nomad’s position as your trusted travel companion; “You know where you’re going, we know what you’ll need” instantly communicates the brand’s offer.

Upon entering the store, the sense of adventure & community greets you. The first floor arrival area features a combination of updatable staff & customer travel images, encouraging the Nomad community to share their experiences & stories.

The new graphic communication links Nomad with the destinations, whilst ‘Be Nomad Ready’ reinforces the brand’s position of being your trusted travelling companion.
Staff travel advisers are on-hand to ‘talk travel’ as the in-store call centre sits at the heart of the arrival zone. Tactile & contrasting textures and finishes, incorporating reclaimed travel props, add personality and warmth to the customer experience and set the tone for the spirit of adventure.

We introduced a large format world map, which dominates the entrance to the basement, linking to the jungle inspired foliage, whilst guiding customers into the retail area & clinic rooms.

The Nomad team board, with each Nomad adventurer revealing their unique travel experiences, helps to build the brand’s position of being the travel authority with an engaging and conversational style.

The central medical kit table showcases the bespoke ranges – the brand isn’t ‘one size fits all’, instead, the offer considers where you’re going & what you’ll need with the team on-hand to advise. We introduced a simple colour palette and bespoke iconography to aid navigation, whilst further reinforcing Nomad’s authority & expert knowledge of what you’ll need for all the places you can visit.

From the moment you walk through the front doors, to venturing downstairs to Nomad’s Travel Clinic, the combination of low-tech interaction and tactile ‘sets’ help to express a relaxed, welcoming but very informative expression of authoritative travel advice.

This store is an accurate and relevant experience for the brand’s offer and for its customers’ needs. It’s also a perfect example of how brands don’t need to rely on digital technology to create a strong customer experience (as outlined in my article last week, The Future of Retail).

You Know Where You’re Going, Nomad Know What You Need.

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